Violence and menaces in the
working environment

Society isn’t developing. The tension is getting harder, and
it affects your workplace.

This training is focused on preventional actions. Everyone have the right to a safe and
sound work environment.

This course is preferably a full day course, with exchange of experiences and interaction.

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Prerequisites: Participant must be skilled in English and have some work experience.
Course material: Participant will have access to most important documents, folders and provisions when necessary. We also provide notes and pen.
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Course information

The obligations of the employer are extensive upon hazards regarding threat and violence at work. A stressful treatment from a customer could be very differently experienced. Your co-workers just may be transporting equipment of theft-prone character, keys or perhaps have to pass by areas or circumstances whith noticable risk. The ruling provision is “Violence and menacees in the working environment” (Hot och våld i arbetsmiljön, AFS 1993:2) and is considered short but demanding – must as well be ruling for best security at work. Females and men usually have different threats. The training is aimed for organizing work in a way that threat and violence will not occur, or to minimize the consequences when such happens.

Target group

Examples of work categories where threat and violence appears: retail, care professions, cleaning, home care, public administration, hotel, restaurant, gas station and work in convenient stores. Also construction workers may be approached by threat, damages and violence, depending on the neighbourhood and the handling of equipment of values.  The training is also aimed to give understanding and support to co-workers with threat and violence in the home environment and close relations.


The training gives conditions to plan and organise a safe environment and giving the preparedness to detect a potential violent development in a situation, in order to avoid it or to raise the alarm in time.

Course content
  • Work environment Act
  • Obligations and rights for both employers and employees
  • Background – statistics
  • Employers and legislation perspectives on security
  • Stress and crisis reactions
  • Legislation, provisions and the structure of law
  • Methods to create security
  • Violence escalation, scale of threats
  • Actions and behaviour  – discussion exercise
  • Scenario training
  • Conflict management
  • To organise a safe environment
Course length

The course coule be arranged either as half or whole day, depending on previous knowledge.


4.500:- pp for a one day course

Price example for up to five participants, Älvsjö 19.500 kr/dag.
Optional: Tailored suited course – we deliver all over the country.

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