Terms and conditions

Payment term is 30 days, unless other is set up in written form. Delayed payment will be charged by BYGGSÄKERHET with penalty interest and fees according to Swedish law. BYGGSÄKERHET need the specific address, preferably e-mail, for invoice. Physical address is always required as backup. The customer is accountable for that correct invoice address is notified to BYGGSÄKERHET, including VAT- and PO-number etc, immediately after order. If no specific invoice address is told, invoice will be sent to that e-mail address that the customer used on order, or the physical address. BYGGSÄKERHET reserve the right to demand advance payment in case the customer have limited financial stability, for foreign companies or by other reasons. Prices does not include VAT.

BYGGSÄKERHET gives quality and safety in training, assignments and consultation accordingly to current law and branch standards and inform actively the customer about the employer’s responsibility for work environment, own financial business, management and those decisions and consequences that may follow thru. With no objection to order confirmation within reasonable time, the customer relief BYGGSÄKERHET from all accountability in form of financial charges by customer claims, indemnities, burden by law or other disadvantage.

Training is organized in order of branch standard and is to be expected to give the intended competence. Some courses may require home studies and/or practice to reach the intended competence, and it’s under the responsibility of the customer to follow up with applicable practice. Training is not a guarantee to receive certification, especially not when validation, test or other proof of knowledge is included and intended to sort out thou who need further development.

For all courses, all attendees must bring and show valid ID-card.

During training in (M)EWP:s according to LUR (Liftutbildningsrådet – Swedish Rental Association) and the provision AFS 2006:6, the customer is responsible for informing their co-workers before course about bringing suitable clothing for practice and protective shoes accordingly to EN ISO 20345, class S1 (toecap and solid heel cover). Byggsäkerhet reserves the right to supply the course participant with protective shoes, om behalf of the customer, if the lack of such equipment cannot be solved with more simplicity.

During training in Hot Works (Heta Arbeten®), arranged accordingly thru The Swedish Fire Protection Association (Brandskyddsföreningen, SBF) you must consider:

  • A fire extinguishing exercise is conducted in training. Bring suitable clothing, covering both arms and legs. Clothing in combustible material as fleece etc is less suitable.
  • Bring smartphone or tablet. A digital certification test finalizes the training. The test is done on site and requires computer, tablet or smartphone. If you don’t have internet connection, it will be provided.
  • Your approved certificate is then valid for five years.
  • A plastic card will be, as an option, sent from SBF to you. Usually, it’s delivered in one week.
  • A digital certificate is available directly after the test at My Pages  – www.hetaarbeten.se.
  • All details will also be available at the app Heta Arbeten®.

Courses are conducted in Swedish or English, or other agreed language with or without interpreter. Attendee without agreed language skills may be rejected from class without deduction on charges. Interpreter, provided by the customer, with lack of skills will also lead to abort without deduction of charges.

Course participant is during the training under insurance of the customer or by personal insurance, not thru Byggsäkerhet.

Risk assessments and related measurements are based on training methods with quality standards designed by leading branch organizations and BYGGSÄKERHET, whereas no participant will be exposed to certain risks, given that he or she will follow given instructions during the course comparable with ordinary management. Byggsäkerhet reserve the right to separate participant who cannot subordinate in a safe way.

Certificate or diploma are included in many of our courses. Participant who lost their documentation of achievement may order a new one, and will be charged 250 SEK each. BYGGSÄKERHET is not liable to documentation that are sent in return caused of insufficient address details given by the customer. Lost certificate for Hot Works must be ordered from the Swedish Fire Protection Association (Brandskyddsföreningen, SBF).

The conditions and reservations above give still the customer full rights to complain according to law, that must be motivated and proven. BYGGSÄKERHET is always open for contributions and constructive ideas, aiming for development and BYGGSÄKERHET will more than likely give compensation for apparent shortcomings on delivery.

Cancellation and rerouting: BYGGSÄKERHET will charge fully at cancellation 48 hours before delivery, or later, and half the amount at seven days or later. Eventual non refundable costs will be charged the customer. Earlier cancellation than seven days will be charged with an administrative fee of 200:- SEK for each person and day unless the customer doesn’t make a rerouting order. Rerouted order will always be charged at least by half when cancelling. Other cancellation deals may be accepted for tailored orders. Cancellation must be delivered in written form.