Safe Lifting

The risks with lifiting devices
requires certificate and a specific
drives permit.

(Provision AFS 2006:6, section 29)
Authorization and proper training,
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Previous knowledge: None.
Common questions:
  1. Are there specific requirements of certification in written form for Safe lifting?
    – Yes, for lifting devices there are such requirements for competence in a sufficient extent and in addition to that – a written drivers permit. The law also requires a written plan and follow up system for all risks. The risk management for severe risks must always be in written form.
  2. Certificates for Hot Works (Heta Arbeten®) and MEWP-training are valid for five years. For how long does a Safe Lifting certificate last?
    – That’s up to your management to decide. If something goes wrong, they can be held accountable for not providing accurate training and safety routines.
    Regarding MEWP’s, it’s the certified training thru the Swedish Rental Association that last five years. The concept of Heta Arbeten® do follow the insurance terms, saying that the training cannot be older than five years.
  3. Will my certificate for Safe Lifting be valid for all lifting devices?
    – The course is what to be required before you start using a machine, and you need a machine introduction to every specific machine and sufficient time to make yourself comfortable using it. If you don’t feel sure enough, read the manual and make sure that you’ll get assistance to work safe.
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Course Information

“A lifting device or lifting accessory may be used only by a person who is closely familiar with the work and has the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for safe use. […]
An employer ordering an employee or outsourced worker to use lifting devices or lifting accessories shall have documentation concerning that person’s practical and theoretical knowledge with regard to safe use of the equipment.“

Safe Lift training is required for the use of different lifting devices and their accessories. Training is also needed for signaller and slinger or controller.

The most common causes to lethal accidents are work with machines, fall risks and the risks of squeezing during lifting with heavy construction elements.

Both co-workers and managements must have a good insight in how and where the regulations are to be in best practice.

There are several provision to dictate the terms for work with lifting devices:
AFS 2001:1 Systematic Environment Work
AFS 2006:6 Use of lifting devices and lifting accessories
AFS 2006:7 Temporary person lifts with cranes or forklifts
AFS 1999:3 Building and civil engineering

Target group

Construction, industry, infrastructure and scaffolding.


An overview knowledge for application regarding equipment, risk assessment, usage, the lifting organization, different type of lifting devices and the requirements of machine introduction and training certificate.


Participants will experience a theoretical brief regarding risks, safety, laws and standard procedures for safe lifting.

  • Law overview
  • Cranes
  • Lifting devices
  • Measurement of workload
  • The lifting organization
  • Slinging
  • Signalling
  • Planning
  • Risks
  • Machine introduction and drivers permit
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Test

Half day


Participant will receive certificate – plastic card.


1.700:- SEK/person (minimum 4 participants).

We take assignments throughout Sweden and are happy to come to you.

Ex four participants 6.800 SEK within 50 km from Gothenburg or distance live Zoom (additional participants 800 SEK each).
lternative 20.000:- SEK for full day with a maximum of  24 participants (2 x 12). Customer provides conference room when we come to you.

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