A safe organization in three steps

  1. Overview risks, needs, present routines, resourses and competence.
  2. Planning – a systematic work environment – and do immediate actions to prevent imminent risks.
  3. Actions accordingly to plan and follow up.

Byggsäkerhet – partner all the way

Your best assistance when it comes to issues, all from leadership development and best knowledge of how to avoid law suits to training in safe lifting for your co-workers and other skills with authorization requirement. Your routines for systematic environment work can be troublesome when the authorities knocks on the door – we will help you. Nowadays, mot companies are most anxious about the health and safety of their employees, but keeping up when it comes to regulations and paperwork is still hard.

Entrepreneurship law may become challanging, and it is always better to learn preventive legal thinking rather than dealing with the issues when the dispute has gone too far. AB04 and ABT06 are well known contract templates and we will guide your business in the best way. 

We will give you knowledge, templates and hands on advice of how to finish in your own way. It’s of great importance that those who manage the safety work is the same as those who’s been planning.

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