BAS PU – Certificate Course

After the Basic Course, BAS P/U (the Principal Designer/Contractor) need to take the next step.
The Certificate Course gives insight in a number of aspects, mandatory for all risk intensive business, especially construction.

Byggsäkerhet has plenty of experience giving this course in English.

A cooridnator is developed step by step and this is the final day of lecture. The amount of required training is always in relation to the extinct of the construction and the previous experience of the BAS P/BAS U. The Certificate Course is closed with a test, proving and developing knowledge and self-awereness.
Registration in ID06 competence database is an optional addition.

Next Course:

Courses, tailored for your needs, at your location if necessary – always available. Contact Byggsäkerhet: 

(BAS PU Basic – May 30, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – May 31, 2022
Distance training live – Zoom

(BAS PU Basic – June 16, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – June 17, 2022
Distance training live – Zoom

(BAS PU Basic – June 27, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – June 28, 2022
Distance training live – Zoom

(BAS PU Basic – August 11, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – August 12, 2022
Distance training live – Zoom

(BAS PU Basic – September 6, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – September 7, 2022
Distance training live – Zoom

(BAS PU Basic – September 13, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – September 14, 2022 / Stockholm

(BAS PU Basic – October 18, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – October 19, 2022 / Göteborg

(BAS PU Basic – November 15, 2022)
BAS PU Certification – November 16, 2022 / Stockholm

If you can’t find any possible dates or locations, please feel free to ask.

We are extremely flexible with our schedule and try our best to find solutions to our costumers.


Previous knowledge: The Basic Course [LINK] is a prerequisite for the Certification Course. It’s beneficial with some better computing skills, good English language and experience within building and civil engineering.

Literature etc: Participants recieves important documents; folders and in digital form.

Questions? Call +46 31-788 44 22

Information and terms– [LINK]

Course Information

This course gives you the competence to work as BAS-P or BAS-U, if you have relevant experiences from building and civil engineering.

Swedish Work Environment Act requirement, regardless extent: At any Project within building and civil engineering, there must be a co-ordinator for work environment for both planning (BAS-P, Principal Designer) and the performing phaze (BAS-U, Principal Contractor). This requirements is due to even smaller works and service jobs. It’s the Client who appoint the co-ordinators, and must have verified training, competence and experience enough for the role in relation to the work intended. Those requirements is due since the  1:st of janurary 2011. The Client can let a Contractor or  a clients delegee take all such responsibilities if the work is done independently and there is a written contract regarding the responsibility transfer.

Byggsäkerhet have long experience of giving the training in English.

Target group

The course is aimed for a broad range of clients, project leaders and others with various levels of responsibilities within building and civil engineering,

Participant must have committed BAS PU Basic course, and have relevant experience of construction. Good English skills is required as well.


The provision AFS 1999:3 give very clear guidance regarding the wide extent of knowledge requirements in construction activities. In addition, there are other provisions mandatory for knowledge and application in all business. The course give the deeper knowledge needed in related provisions and way of practice that the coordination requires.

Course content

  • Repetition, main parts of basic course
  • Stress and crisis reactions – crisis emergency and readiness
  • Work on hights, overview and exceptions according to AFS 1999:3
  • Responsibility deviation – Deep dive analysis
  • OSA – Organisational and social oriented work environment
  • Work ergonomics and risk assessments
  • Risk assessments – coordination
  • Sanction fees – Deep dive
  • Templates and standards – checklists
  • Prior notice to Work Environment Authorities
  • Co-ordination responsibilities – responsibility of co-ordinator in charge
  • Certification test
  • Adaption to the special need of the customer is possible, with comprehensive extensions for Chemical risks, Threat and Violence, Pole- and mast work, Fire risks/Heta arbeten® or other focus that may suite your activities.


  • Full day – the course is day two out of two full days.
    (Please note – the required amount of training for BAS P/U is dependent on previous knowledge, experiences and competence in relation to the extent of your activities. BAS P/U may need further specialist competence pending on your kind of work.)


5.500:- SEK, each day. Registration for ID06 is an optional addition.
(Volume and Contracted customers, contact Byggsäkerhet for best deal.)

Adaption – location

Distance training is optional, though we prefer to meet for real.
If your co-workers, intended for the course, are located abroad – we can send the lecturer to you instead of the opposite. We save money, time and perhaps some flight fuel.