GDPR-course, the easy way

How to manage the difficult stuff with routines.

Consider your own business – solving the GDPR issues. Easy or hard?
You need to show to all that you follow the regulations, still with efficient management in control.

Byggsäkerhet offers the course in both Swedish and English.

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GDPR the easy way – NOT YET SCHEDULED (English)
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Previous knowledge: Good English skills.
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Course Information

There’s a broad group of know how people telling how difficult and expensive GDPR can and will be, especially with sanction charges. We will go thru the possibilities avoiding to become dependent on specific GDPR-managers and tricky routines for both own organization and those who’s been registred.

Target group

Construction business, industry, infra structure, scaffolding and all work with customers, business contacts and register management of personal data with pictures and/or text.


Knowledge of GDPR, management and routines with adaption to your business.


Participants will get a thorough theoretical brief on background, law requirements and managements. We will as well put GDPR in relation to the Swedish principle of public access to official records.

  • Background
  • Purpose of GDPR
  • Sanctions
  • The Swedish Data Protection Authority
  • The rights of the registred
  • Transmission to third country
  • Incidents of persona
  • The personal data coordination manager
  • Personal data coordination management assistant
  • Principles of public access to information
  • Secrecy

Full Day.


Participant receives certificate


3.750:- SEK/person (minimum four participants), or 25.000:- SEK for full day with a minimum of 12 participants.

(Volume- and contracted custuomers, please contact Byggsäkerhet for best offer.)