GDPR - Policy towards customer

The personal data coordination manager at BYGGSÄKERHET has the personal data responsibility, and can be reached by e-mail, or phone +46 31-788 44 22.

BYGGSÄKERHET register the course participants data as a part of our agreement towards custumer and do follow the principle of contract, and that register concerning business follow the principle of legal obligation. Managing business contacts with personal data follow the principle of legitimate interests.

Identifying participants with valid ID-card is a part of our quality assurance. BYGGSÄKERHET need some personal data to make sure that the right person participates in ordered training. The justification towards customer is a consequence of the contract meaning that BYGGSÄKERHET must administrate knowledge and achieved competence. All related suppliers and partners having direct reason to manage the personal data has a bound contract to act within the obligation principles of BYGGSÄKERHETs undertaking by a personal data processing agreement. If any participant at a course have reasons to protect thee personal data, it will be managed in specific order, but requires previous request in written form. In case any course participant has reasons to protect thee personal data, that case will be handled in specific order.

It’s possible to order a new certification card or sheet in case it’s been lost. Regarding the need of customer to know when a certification has expired, the information about authority may be saved for a bit longer time than the expiration date. Such service is not available for thou who duly required not to have their data registered at BYGGSÄKERHET.

Information about trained person is saved only in the participant register and will not be used for anything else such as marketing or as information to suppliers or any other part.

Personal data concerning customers and related contacts is erased when needed or on a yearly basis.

Personal data is only available for the administrative personnel within BYGGSÄKERHET and will not be stored in or exposed to any other country.

Thou who requires own personal data, or to get the data changed or erased, may be forced to visit BYGGSÄKERHET and show a valid ID before being endorsed. Such request must be met in a reasonable extent. BYGGSÄKERHET does not share personal data of participants and certifications to third party or any other outsiders in such cases when it’s not obvious that the requester is the person himself or his employer.

Thou who has reasons to complain on BYGGSÄKERHET and its management of personal data must report to
Phone: 08-657 61 00
Fax: 08-652 86 52

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