Entrepreneurship law II – Advanced AB04 ABT06

Now we level up more advanced questions requiring previous knowledge about legal principles and the most usual cases with ÄTA-work (Alterations-Additional-Deductions). We learn how to practice the different contract templates AB04 och ABT06, ready to deal with more advanced issues regarding contracts within construction.

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Previous knowledge: Good English skills. Previously – accomplished the basic course in Entrepreneurship Law, or similar.

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Course information

The course is on high level from start, though we run thru a short repetition of some basic required knowledge.

We challenge ourselves with a set of more difficult legal cases, and at the same time enhance the understanding of AB 04 och ABT 06. We will as well go thru how partnering concepts works, and how a partnering concept within a nominated contract is executed.

The course gives space for discussions and the participants own issues and perspectives.

The lecturer have experience in succeeding cases with counterparts, i.e.: difficult customers, annoying lawyers, suppliers, union representatives, large companies and authorities.

Target group

Managers and co-workers that in different ways must be involved in decision making, designing and questioning contract writing within construction.

Course goal

After accomplished course, the skills are referring to actual legislation, design some contractual texts, use the contract templates, dare to object upon unreasonable contract terms and to administer more difficult issues concerning the general regulations in the two main templates of BKK – AB04 and ABT 06.

Course content

  • Short repetition, legislation basics
  • Contract in execution
  • Entrepreneurship basics – Delivery method and relation
  • AB 04 and ABT 06, advanced issues
  • Alterations-Additions-Deductions (ÄTA-arbeten)
  • Partnering concept
  • Nominated contract
  • Work Environment responsibility and delivery method in relation to the “in control” responsibility
  • Civil litigation in court, and how to handle own lawyer and insurance company for legal cases
  • Reality check cases
  • Customer adapted analysis

Course length

One day.


Participant achieves a course certificate.


5.700:- SEK/person (minimum three participants).

We take assignments throughout Sweden.

Ex. Price up to three participants 14.900 SEK/day within 50 km from Gothenburg or distance course Zoom, additional participants 3.450 SEK/person.

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Please note: Bring AB04 and ABT06 to course. The volumes are not included. You may order here. Links: AB04 and ABT06

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