BAM – Better Work Environment

All organisations must have basic training in systematic
environment work. Do you have established routines, or is
it mostly checklists and instructions in a folder?

Regardless bransch or level, the same rules apply for the work environment foundation. Get
going, learning of how to apply the Swedish Rules into your business – we do it systematic.

Choose between the BAM-course as one day or two.

Byggsäkerhet can give this course in both English and Swedish.

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BAM – Better Work Environment

BAM – April 8-9, 2024 – two days –
Distance training live Zoom

BAM – April 30, 2024 – one day –
Distance training live Zoom

BAM – May 27-28, 2024 – two days –

BAM – September 5-6, 2024 – two days –
Distance training live Zoom

BAM – September 13, 2024 – one day –
Distance training live Zoom

BAM – September 19-20, 2024 – two days –

BAM – October 3-4, 2024 – two days –
Distance training live Zoom

Previous knowledge: Participants with good language skills and some work experience are clearly favoured during this course.
Litterature: Participants achieve the most important lecture handouts and folders. The course include paper for notes.
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Course information

Any organisation need a deeper level of knowledge regarding the Swedish Work Environment Act (Arbetsmiljölagen – AML), regardless branch or level at work. AML demands competence on a satisfactory level for all involved in the company, pending on roles, risks and present delegation on work environment related tasks.

By an analysis of AML and the provision Systematic Work Environment Management (AFS 2001:1) together with a handfull of other very overall conceptual provision, we will find system and ways of how to achieve increased safety, comfort/well being and a better work environment.

Target Group

The training is, in the first place, aimed for management level, HR-managment and administrators, safety representatives, supervisors and as well co-workers with a committment in the work environment system within the organization. With good experience, we recommend all those categories to complete the BAM-course all together at the same time, in order to make roles and common problem perspectives be controlled by the team effort – already during training.  Internal frictions will be strategically reduced.

Course target

Participants are to achieve knowledge and working methods for the systematic work environment work within the following sections:

  1. Knowledge about the demands of the Act
  2. Knowledge about preventual methods and management
  3. Understanding for how the deviation of responsibilities and tasks can be done
  4. Know how – developing knowledge about demands of the Act
Course content
  • Work Environment Act
  • Obligations and rights for both employers and employees
  • Basics – Systematic Environment Management
  • Risk management – overview
  • Work Environment Authorities supervision management
  • Crisis emergency
  • Cooperation – employers and safety representetives/safety committé
  • Ergonomic risks
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stress
  • Offensive acts of previlege
  • Organisational and social work environment
  • We can as well adapt the course towards the requirement of the customer, with an overview perspective to certain focus: Electricity, Chemical risks, Threat and Violence, Building and civil engineering, hotel and restaurant or other branch that may most represent your business.
Length of course

Either one or two days.

  • One day – course will be an intensive brief for self development
  • Two days – course will give lever to adaptions and more thorough team exercises and deep dives within subjects of priority.

4.900 SEK – one day course
8.900 SEK – two day course

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