CPR-training with defibrillator

All companies and organizations need first aid readiness.

Byggsäkerhet give CPR-training competence to your co-workers and can develop instructors.
Byggsäkerhet have delivered training in English for a long time.
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Course Information

This course complies with HLR-rådet’s (CPR Council’s) guidelines and gives you the skills to act in case of an adult person suffering from respiratory or cardiac arrest. The course is aimed toward all adults and is open to both working groups and individuals. In order for the training to maintain the highest quality, we recommend a maximum of 12 participants per course.

Law reference: AFS 1999:7, section six.
We perform efficient training with one doll for each participant.

Target group

We welcome both working groups and private individuals to attend the course. All adults should be given the opportunity to learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Since CPR-competence is perishable, we recommend training once a year. Pending on your business characteristics and planning circumstances within the framework of your systematic environment work, training can be needed more often.


To achieve the knowledge needed to assess if CPR is needed and to be able to provide CPR and save lives in emergency situations.


We switch between theory and practical exercises so that participants learn to carry out checks of conciousness and breathing. We repeat the practical exercises many times so that the participants can act independently if an adult suffers from cardiac arrest. We also review how the defibrillator works and is used.

Efficent training with one doll for each participant.

After gaining routines and a higher level of skills, we level up and perform training to solve more complicated situations, both individual and in teams.

  1. Awareness check
  2. Breath check
  3. Stable side mode
  4. CPR – insufflation and – inblåsningar och compressions
  5. Defibrillator
  6. Action when peak airway

Half day. We suggest training for both morning and afternoon. Maximum twelve participants at a time. //Course can be combined with fire exercise and becomes full day.


1.250 SEK/person (minimum six participants, half day), additional participants 800 SEK each (max 12 participants).
Alternative 20.000 SEK for full day with maximum 24 participants (2 x 12). Customer provides conference room, coffee and lunch.

(Volume and contracted customers, contact Byggsäkerhet for best deal.)