Liftutbildning – Mobila arbetsplattformar


Baseras på 6 recensioner

Bas-P / Bas-U - Grund - ID06
Bra tempo genom hela dagen, läraren påläst.
Bas-P / Bas-U - Grund - ID06
Bra och informativ utbildning. Både övningar och teori.
Bas-P / Bas-U - Grund - ID06
Bra upplägg. Bra variation på genomgångar och egna uppgifter.
Bra lärare

I samarbete med


Use of working platforms does
combine many risky moments.
The provision AFS 2006:6, section 29
statutes requirements on equipment
and substantiated training certificate.

IPAF and PLF certifications are valid
in Sweden, though it is beneficial to
recieve knowledge about the
Swedish legislation on the usage of
hazardous equipment and the
requirements of Swedish Work
Environment Act.

Byggsäkerhet provides training in Swedish and English

Next course in English:

Lift MEWP/EWP training – March 31, 2023
Göteborg, kl 07.30-16.00

Lift MEWP/EWP training – May 3, 2023
Göteborg, kl 07.30-16.00

Lift MEWP/EWP training – June 5, 2023
Göteborg, kl 07.30-16.00

Lift MEWP/EWP training – June 29, 2023
Göteborg, kl 07.30-16.00

Lift MEWP/EWP training – August 22, 2023
Göteborg, kl 07.30-16.00

Lift MEWP/EWP training – September 22, 2023
Göteborg, kl 07.30-16.00

Byggsäkerhet will adapt and deliver training also on demand.
We will come to you – Contact us and make a booking, email or call +46 31-788 44 22.

Requirements on protective shoes and clothing: Protective shoes must be according to EN ISO 20345, class S1 (toecap and solid heel cover). Clothing for outdoor training on hight is adviced.
Common questions:
  1. For how long will your training certificate persist?
    – It’s up to your employer, but when it comes to such dangerous circumstances as work platforms it’s the safest to go thru a quality secured training thru the Swedish Rental Association, (Liftutbildningsrådet – LUR [LÄNK]). A training thru LUR is valid for five years, and after that it’s time to do the training over again.
  2. Is there demands by law to  have a written proof of competence on MEWP/EWP?
    – Yes, according to the provision AFS 2006:6, section 29. And in addition, a written drivers permit is always required, together with a machine introduction.
  3. Does Byggsäkerhet perform repetition training, a shorter version of the basic training?
    – No, the training doesn’t become shorter, but Byggsäkerhet will lower the price some for those who can show a valid MEWP-certificate provided thru LUR, not older than five years. Participants with previous training are beneficial to mix with beginners and together we can perform more efficient training.
  4. What kind of more training is needed after a MEWP-training?
    – In direct connection to work platform training, you must have fall protection and rescue/evacuation training. The employer must have thorough routines for the systematic environment work, including many other competence requirements. Contact Byggsäkerhet for advice.
  5. Are there practical moments included in the course?
    Yes, in a gated area. There will as well be a short brief on fall risks. We use fall protection gear after in introduction to the equipment and usage.
Questions? Call +46 31-788 44 22
Information and terms – [LINK]
Course Information

MEWP – Mobile Elevating Work Platform
EWP – Elevating Work Platform

“A lifting device or lifting accessory may be used only by a person who is closely familiar with the work and has the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for safe use. […]
An employer ordering an employee or outsourced worker to use lifting devices or lifting accessories shall have documentation concerning that person’s practical and theoretical knowledge with regard to safe use of the equipment.” /AFS 2006:6, section 29

Our training in scissorlift and boomlift is to be quality secured by The Swedish Rental Association, (Liftutbildningsrådet – LUR).

Target group

Construction business, painting, industry, scaffolding and all other work at work platforms.


Knowledge and skills to develop own ability to handle work platforms in a safe way, accordingly to current provisions and law.


Thorough theoretical brief concerning risks, safety, laws concerning fall protection.
Practical introduction of different kinds of fall protection gear.
MEWP/EWP lecture:

  • Different types and ways of use
  • Construction details
  • Laws regarding work environment
  • Inspection and daily check
  • Operational moments
  • Risks and practice of law
  • Safety and responsibility
  • Development
  • Evacuation and rescue – overview
  • Theoretical test

Full day.


During quality secured training – participant that pass will receive certificate with LUR-authorization.

  1. 2.900:- SEK/person, minimum five participants, maximum sixteen, at a facility provided by Byggsäkerhet. Breakfast, lunch and litterature included.
  2. Alternative: 24.000:- SEK for full day with up to sixteen participants whithin 100km from Göteborg. Customer provide breakfast, lunch, conference room, training facilities and required number of lifts specified by Byggsäkerhet.

(Volume and contract customers, please contact Byggsäkerhet for best offer.)