Bas-P / Bas-U – Basic Course - English - ID06
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BAS PU – Basic
/English course

NEW! There is a new provision released: AFS 2020:1 Workplace design. This constitutional provision does clarify the roles for
Clients, BAS P and BAS U. It’s ruling since jan 1st 2021, and all construction projects need to be updated. We have the
provision in English prepared for you.

The course is available both online-on distance and in classroom. ID06 is an optional addition.

Every construction site must have an appointed Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor – in Swedish: BAS P and BAS U;
one for the planning phase and one for the construction phase.

Those roles require certain competence and knowledge within a number of provisions, experience and training.
Byggsäkerhet has a lot of experence giving the course in English.

Training is conducted in steps and the amount of training needed for a BAS P/U is entirely in relation to the extent of the projects and previous experience.

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Consistently high grades and recommendations.

We take assignments throughout Sweden.

– Day 1 of 2 –
Ex. Price up to three participants 14.900 SEK/day within 50 km from Gothenburg (or distance course Zoom, additional participants 3.500 SEK/day each).

Further away? Questions? Offer? Contact Byggsäkerhet at +46 31-788 44 22 or (we will get back asap)

BAS PU Basic – January 17, 2023
BAS PU Certification – January 18, 2023
Distance training live – Zoom

BAS PU Basic – February 9, 2023
BAS PU Certification – February 10, 2023
Distance training live – Zoom

BAS PU Basic – February 13, 2022
BAS PU Certification – February 14, 2023 / Göteborg

BAS PU Basic – February 20, 2023
BAS PU Certification – February 21, 2023
Distance training live – Zoom

BAS PU Basic – March 2, 2023
BAS PU Certification – March 3, 2023
Distance training live – Zoom

BAS PU Basic – March 30, 2023
BAS PU Certification – March 31, 2023 / Stockholm

BAS PU Basic – June 7, 2023
BAS PU Certification – June 8, 2023 / Stockholm

If you can’t find any possible dates or locations, please feel free to ask.

We are extremely flexible with our schedule and try our best to find solutions to our costumers.

Courses, tailored for your needs, at your location if necessary – always available.

Previous knowledge: It’s beneficial with some computing skills, good English language and experience within building and civil engineering.
Litterature etc: Participant receives important documents; folders and in digital form. Bring your laptop, touchpad to the course and we will learn how to search for important information in current provisions. We have good experience of participants who can use google translate in between different languages to understand the intent of text in Swedish law and regulations.
Questions? Call +46 31-788 44 22
Information and conditions – [LINK]
Course Information

This course gives you the competence to work as BAS-P or BAS-U, if you have relevant experiences from building and civil engineering.

Swedish Work Environment Act requirement, regardless extent: At any Project within building and civil engineering, there must be a co-ordinator for work environment for both planning (BAS-P, Principal Designer) and the performing phase (BAS-U, Principal Contractor). This requirement is due to even smaller works and service jobs. It’s the Client who appoint the co-ordinators, and must have verified training, competence and experience enough for the role in relation to the work intended. This requirement is due since the 1:st of January 2011. The Client can let a Contractor or a clients’ delegee take all such responsibilities if the work is done independently and there is a written contract regarding the responsibility transfer. BAS P/U is the Swedish version of a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, previously known as CDM co-ordinator.


The course is intended for customers, project leaders or others with responsibilities within building and civil engineering work and as well thou who’s supposed to work with BAS P or BAS U.

Anyone who’s supposed to work under the function BAS P/BAS U must have documentation for training and competence.  The course BAS P / BAS U Certification gives proof of competence after a written test.


The course will give you basic knowledge regarding the work environment responsibility and how the related questions are to be considered during planning, conducting and further usage, within a Construction and civil- and engineering work.

Course content
  • Knowledge of working environment and statistics
  • Basics – Systematic working environment
  • Basics – Provisions Construction and Civil engineering
  • Deep dive, provisions of working environment
  • NEW: AFS 2021:1 English – Workplace design
  • Competence requirements for BAS P/U
  • Health and safety plan – content
  • Risk management – overview
  • Checklists
  • The supervision of the Working Environment Authority
  • We can of course adapt the course to specific demands from the customer, with amendments of chemical risks, threat and violence, post and mast work, scaffolding, hot works or other profiling that matches your way of business. In fact, it’s most preferable with a flexible course, appointed to your branch specifics.
  • One Day – this is step one out of two days required. Please note – the amount of required classroom hours for BAS P/U is due to previous knowledge, experiences and competence, all in relation to the kind of Constructions work intended. The coordinator may need more special knowledge, pending on the intended work.

5.700:- each day, SEK.

– We will come to you! – Day 1 of 2 –
We take assignments throughout Sweden.

Ex. Price up to three participants 14.900 SEK/day within 50 km from Gothenburg (or distance course Zoom, additional participants 3.500 SEK/person and day).

Further away? Questions? Offer? Contact Byggsäkerhet at +46 31-788 44 22 or (we will get back asap) (Volume orders – please ask for best offer.)

Registration for ID06 is an optional addition, requiring ID-check.

Adaption – location

Distance training is optional, though we prefer to meet for real.
If your co-workers, intended for the course, are located abroad – we can send the lecturer to you instead of the opposite. We save money, time and perhaps some flight fuel.