Crisis emergency readiness

All organisations must prepare for upcoming challenges. To meet the unknown requires preparations.

Your development in crisis emergency requires a development of routines and readiness, including competence. Being prepared for the next crisis is a question of survival for everyone, both individuals and organisation. Byggsäkerhet have the experience from crisis management on many different levels, and the training is adapted for our customers.

Byggsäkerhet is one out of very few who gives the training in both Swedish and English.

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Previous knowledge: You may be responsible for own business or department within an organisation.

Litterature etc: Participant receives both paper and information in digital form.

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Course information

All organizations must have enough preparations to the upcoming crisis – and no one can know what kind of crisis there might be. The work environment act demands enough competence for the concerned in a company, depending on the roles, risks and delegated work related tasks there are. The law is overall not very specific, with a lack of direct instructions.

The course lecturer have in depth knowledge from crisis emergency management on operational level.

Target group
The training is aimed for CEO:s, HR-managers, administrators, safety representatives, supervisors and those co-workers who’s engagement within the crisis emergency management is essential. Due to experience, it’s very wise to let those different roles interact already during training, making roles and common issues be dealt with already during training – all in order to establish internal routines with less frictions as possible.

Course goal
Participants shall achieve knowledge and be able to apply the systematic work environment management, with the following priority:

  1. How to form requirements for own organization
  2. Understanding for the necessity of own preparations and principles
  3. Knowledge of the crisis organizational application to current law
  4. Capacity to develop and train for different risk scenarios

Course content

  • Work Environment Act
  • The survival of the fittest organization
  • Obligations according to ruling provisions
  • Basics – Systematic work environment management
  • Fire safety – strategy
  • Methods for exercises
  • Adapted exercises
  • Risk management on strategic level
  • Stress – individually and in groups
  • We can as well adapt the course to the customers certain needs, with appendix for i.e. Electric safety (EL-BAM), Chemichal hazards, Threat and violence, Building and civil engineering, hotel and restaurant or other focus that may suit your activities.

Course length

The course is arranged as either a one or two day course.

  • One day – more intensively
  • Two days – the course gives possibilities to adaptions and more comprehensive group excercises and deep dives into concerned issues.


4.500:- for one day
7.900:- for two days
(Volume customers, contact Byggsäkerhet for best offer.)